Bordering England to the East and mid Wales in the South, North Wales has six principal areas where people live. Wrexham, Denbighshire and Flintshire can be found to the east while Gwynedd, Anglesey and Conwy lie in the west. While many households in the region live harmoniously, unfortunately this is not always so. When a domestic violence solicitor in North Wales is required, our experienced family team at Bennett Smith Solicitors are always ready to help.

What does domestic violence involve?

Domestic violence is not always delivered by a physical attack. The umbrella term domestic violence encompasses any type of behaviour that is used to intimidate victims.

In some instances, victims might take legal measures or flee their home to ensure that their children and themselves are protected from harm. However, there are others who are too exhausted by daily domestic violence or feel too threatened by it to speak up.

If you are being victimised by a member of your family in any way, it is your legal right to seek out an injunction to stop them. Injunctions are described as orders the Court issues to restrict a person’s actions.

While there is not a legal definition for domestic violence, the UK Government defines it as an incident or a pattern of incidents demonstrating coercive, controlling or threatening behaviour and abuse or violence between people aged 16 and upwards who have been or remain family members or intimate partners regardless of their sexuality or gender. This is not limited to, but can encompass the following activities, physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, e motional abuse and financial abuse.

Coercive behaviour is described as a single act, or pattern of acts of threats, assault, intimidation and humiliation or any other type of abuse that is being used to punish, frighten or harm a victim.

Controlling behaviour is defined as a range of acts that are designed to make an individual subordinate or dependent through the process of isolating them from available sources for support, depriving them of having access to the means required for their independence escape or resistance, exploiting their capacities and resources for personal gain and regulating their behaviour on a daily basis.

Non-molestation orders and occupation orders

Non-molestation orders are a type of injunction designed can protect victims and their children from harassment and acts of domestic violence. A non-molestation order can be obtained against a person who has acted with physical violence or against a person who is intimidating, harassing, or pestering you. Even when you still want to or must live with an abuser, you can apply to obtain a non-molestation order.

Occupation orders are another type of injunction, and they concern who lives within a family home. Once obtained an occupation order can order an abuser to move out from a home or stay away from one. It can also dictate that an abuser keeps a specific distance from a home or stay in specific parts of a home at set times. For instance, it can order the abuser to sleep in another bedroom.

An occupation order can also insist that your abuser lets you back into a home when they have locked you out and can order them to keep paying bills, rent or a mortgage.

If deemed appropriate, the Court can make both an occupation and non-molestation order simultaneously against your abuser.

Do you need a domestic violence solicitor in North Wales?

Domestic violence is never acceptable and must not be tolerated. Our skilled team are experts in securing emergency protection when adults and children are vulnerable to domestic violence. Regardless of the county of North Wales you are based on, you can rely on us.

We understand that victimisation through acts of domestic violence is extremely disturbing and that securing some type of Court protection can be a considerable relief. Our dedicated Family Law solicitor is experienced in dealing with delicate issues and know the emotional turmoil involved in a family breakdown.

The safety of you and your family our are main priority and we will deal with your case individually and with the utmost sensitivity. You can rest assured that your domestic violence situation will be handled in a safe, efficient and professional manner.

Within hours of reaching out to us, a court application for emergency protection can be gained and our Family Law team are always here to talk, when you need them. Get in touch with us today at Bennett Smith Solicitors for the support and assistance that you require.