Divorce solicitors in North Wales

At Bennett Smith Solicitors, our team are experts in offering legal advice on a range of topics including divorce and separation.

We are always up to date with our knowledge and can advise you on a number of issues that may arise when you find yourself considering a separation.


We are divorce solicitors in North Wales, and offer a legal service for divorce and separations that is realistic and practical.

We understand that this is usually a difficult and trying time, and our team are available to help you through the process every step of the way.

No matter what your circumstances, whether you are married, co-habiting or in a civil relationship, our knowledge will help you navigate the legalities of dissolving the relationship.

You may want to talk about not only the breakdown of your relationship but other matters like finances and children who may be involved. We recognise that these situations can impact a range of people, and we are always conscious that you will want the best advice available to limit the repercussions of your separation on these individuals.

Whether your relationship is ending amicably or not, we can ensure you feel confident to make the next steps to achieve your end goals. We can arrange formal agreements to deal with the separation that protect all involved. Any disputes will be dealt with tact and professionalism .

Our team are professional negotiators and can help you protect or distribute your assets and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed properly. We could support if your affairs are international in nature and if you have complex assets.

We can also represent you throughout the court proceedings and file documents in a timely and appropriate way. Our team are knowledgeable on a wide range of issues that could affect your divorce or separation, and we are happy to talk you through each of these.

Make sure you contact us here at Bennett Smith Solicitors today for timely help and advice. You can discuss your situation in the strictest of confidence and be assured that you will receive only the best advice available.

Our team are available to talk about legal aid and any associated costs involved with these matters.