At Bennett Smith Solicitors you can count on us for a comprehensive conveyancing service. With years of experience in the region, our skilled team of conveyancing solicitors in North Wales is dedicated to facilitating the purchases and sales of residential properties.

By selecting our team for conveyancing services, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that the often complex process is handled professionally and dependably. We are dedicated to providing full transparency on pricing and outstanding levels of customer care. To this end, we’ll work closely with you and all parties involved to ensure matters always move at the rate you require, while ensuring your rights remain protected.

We understand that completing any property purchase or sale in North Wales and the wider UK takes time, but working with our conveyancing team you can feel safe knowing time is never wasted.

What is a conveyancing solicitor?

A conveyancing solicitor is defined as a solicitor who specialises in the law and procedure of residential property.

What do conveyancing solicitors do?

The role of conveyancing solicitors, (sometimes referred to as licensed conveyancers) is to prepare and then review legal documents, like transfer deeds, contracts of sale, and other essential paperwork. The documents outline all the terms and conditions of a transaction and make sure that the rights as well as the obligations of all parties involved are documented correctly.

What is the conveyancing process when buying a property?

Typically, a conveyancing solicitor is appointed when you have a “subject to contract” offer accepted, but connecting with an expert earlier can give you an idea of what costs are involved. A conveyancing solicitor can explain the process providing any details you require. After you appoint a conveyancing solicitor who will act on your behalf, you can inform the estate agent about your representative.

The estate agent then issues the seller and buyer’s solicitors with all relevant paperwork required to open a file and start the process. Each solicitor involved opens a file for their respective client and starts performing financial and identity checks.

Arranging a survey is advisable. After the title papers and contract are received by your solicitor, they will conduct relevant searches and review the title and report their findings to you. Pre-contract enquiries regarding the documents are dealt with and the mortgage offer is reported on upon receipt.

What is the conveyancing process when selling a property?

The conveyance process when selling a property is typically simpler than when you’re a buyer. The responsibility is on buyers to understand in detail the property that they are purchasing, while seller only need to supply requested information.

Th effort involved in this process usually depends on the condition and age and of the property involved and how readily available necessary paperwork is.

To make sure that a sale goes as smoothly as possible, it is worth preparing. Consider if the title deed contains any details that might impact the buyer or them securing a mortgage and check that no important documents are missing. Check to see if you have FENSA, electrical and gas certificates whether the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is valid. Do you have any building regulation certificates or proof of planning permission if requested.

Why are conveyancing solicitors necessary?

While in theory it might be possible to perform your conveyancing yourself, an expert conveyancing solicitor is critical for selling or buying a property. Your dedicated conveyancing solicitor will protect your interests and help by working with your mortgage lender. Conveyancing solicitors will also conduct searched on a property you wish to purchase and help you working out whether you need to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax. They can provide you with the information you require to confirm that your potential purchase meets your expectations.

Do you need a conveyance solicitor in North Wales?

At Bennett Smith Solicitors we understand that the process of buying and selling a house requires a collaborative approach. Our experience allows us to work closely with our clients as well as mortgage advisors, estate agents, and other solicitors to complete transactions efficiently, smoothly, and in a timely fashion while acting in the best interests of those we serve and supplying the highest standard of service.

You might be a first-time home buyer or experienced in property with a considerable portfolio, but either way, you can trust our conveyancing team with your plans and to handle your transaction professionally.

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