Civil Partnership Dissolution North Wales

At Bennett Smith Solutions we understand that ending a relationship isn’t always easy. When it becomes desirable to dissolve a civil partnership, the financial and legal implications can put additional strain on parties as they work to navigate and address the many practical issues that require a resolution.

Our dedicated Family Law team serving North Wales is comprised of solicitors who are specialists in civil partnership dissolution. They can help and support you with the decisions you face and assist you to find a straightforward and amicable approach to your separation, that enables you to move on in your life while providing you with the financial security and reassurance you require for the future.

Understanding dissolution petitions

Our attentive team knows that just like a divorce, a civil partnership ending can be an exceptionally emotional and often distressing time. Often, we find that same sex couples in a civil partnership are not aware of their rights and what they might expect when a relationship is no longer working.

We assist clients who don’t realise that legal processes exist that must be followed when applying to dissolve their civil partnership. Grounds for separation can vary greatly, with examples including unreasonable behaviour, already living separately from one another for between two to five years and desertion.

When these grounds are determined, parties can obtain a form known as a “Dissolution Petition”. This must be completed and then sent to the Court along with an application fee. After receiving the application, the court sends a copy to your civil partner, and asks them to complete another form known as the “Acknowledgement of Service”. Your civil partner must then return the form in a set timeframe. A notification from the Court called the “Notice of Issue of Petition” will be sent to inform you of the exact date that they documents were provided to your civil partner.

Have you received a dissolution petition?

If you receive a Dissolution Petition form this means that your civil partner has initiated the civil separation process. If you need independent advice, then our Family Law team is on hand to help you complete the “Acknowledgement of Service” form and offer guidance as you consider contesting or agreeing to the petition. If you agree, you will accept the grounds of your civil partner for separation and allow the dissolution process to start.

However, should you disagree with the grounds and want to contest them, it is crucial that you seek our legal advice on your best option to do this. You can arrange for a consultation with our Family Law team and explore all the options available.

Furthermore, the Court will require you to completed two additional forms referred to as the “Statement in support of the petition” and the “Application for a Conditional Order”. Our team of solicitors can also be counted on for aid completing these forms.

How do I dissolve my civil partnership?

When both parties are in complete agreement, dissolving a civil partnership is often a simple process to complete. However, where disagreements regarding matters like division of assets and children occur, further legal advice is essential to achieve an agreement that ensures that both your finances and interests remain secure.

Dissolving a legal agreement between two civil partners is exceptionally similar to the process of divorce. An application must be made to The Court by one or both parties concerned.

Since the introduction of “No Fault Divorce” as part of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act of 2020, civil partners do not need to prove that their relationship has irretrievably broken down. Couples can either apply solely or jointly, but the process that once took years to complete and often involved ongoing legal battles can be accomplished in months.

Understandably, complications still commonly arise, especially regarding arrangements for children and financial settlements. As a result, assistance from a solicitor with Civil Partnership Dissolution experience is an asset.

Applications to end your civil partnership can be made by post or online and typically takes around six months to complete. You’ll need to provide the current address for your civil partner as the Court will need to send them the Acknowledgement of Service form.

How much does it cost to dissolve a civil partnership?

The fee for applying for civil partner dissolution is currently £593, but could change over time. After the Court receives an application, it sends a copy to your civil partner, who has 14 days to complete the Acknowledgement of Service document.

Whether you are initiating dissolution of a civil partnership in North Wales or have received an acknowledgement of Service form to complete, you can rely on our Family Law team for advice and assistance. Reach out to us today at Bennett Smith Solicitors for the help you need.